Marsha Rivkin Center For Ovarian Cancer Research
The mission of the Marsha Rivkin Center is to save lives and reduce suffering through improved treatment, early detection and prevention of ovarian cancer.Join us in our resolute effort against ovarian cancer. We fund the best scientists, develop the brightest minds, and encourage the strongest research partnerships.

Rivkin Center Staff

Joe White

Joe White

Executive Director
206.215.6063 — joe [DOT] white [AT] swedish [DOT] org

Joe White

Wendy Law, PhD

Director of Scientific Programs
206.215.2964 — wendy [DOT] law [AT] swedish [DOT] org

Joe White

Colleen Bromen

Development Director
206.215.2204 — colleen [DOT] bromen [AT] swedish [DOT] org

Joe White

Marissa Brewer

Communications & Events Manager
206.386-2176 — marissa [DOT] brewer [AT] swedish [DOT] org

Professional assistance from our partners at the Swedish Medical Center Foundation:

Andrea King

Director of Planned Giving
206.386.3379 — andrea [DOT] king [AT] swedish [DOT] org

Jennifer Nolte

Stewardship Manager
206.386.2711 — jennifer [DOT] nolte [AT] swedish [DOT] org

Carly Ralston

Giving & Gifts Club Manager
206.215.6044 — carly [DOT] ralston [AT] swedish [DOT] org

Professional assistance from our partners at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center:

Fiona Henderson

Program Assistant
206.215.3523 — fiona [DOT] henderson [AT] swedish [DOT] org

To learn more about the Rivkin Center's Ovarian Cancer Early Detection Screening Program (OCEDP), contact:

Shirley Gough, RN

OCEDP Research Coordinator
206.386.3788 — shirley [DOT] gough [AT] swedish [DOT] org