Marsha Rivkin Center For Ovarian Cancer Research
The mission of the Marsha Rivkin Center is to save lives and reduce suffering through improved treatment, early detection and prevention of ovarian cancer.Join us in our resolute effort against ovarian cancer. We fund the best scientists, develop the brightest minds, and encourage the strongest research partnerships.

We are incredibly fortunate to have members in the community organize an independent fundraising event to benefit the Marsha Rivkin Center and our mission: to save lives and reduce suffering through improved treatment, early detection, and prevention of ovarian cancer. To follow is a list of these community events.

If you would like to organize your own event benefiting the Rivkin Center and have your event listed on this page, please contact Marissa Brewer at 206-215-6200. Thank you for your tremendous support to our community.

Community Events

Teal and Toe

The third annual Teal and Toe for Ovarian Cancer 5K Walk in support of the Ovarian Breast Cancer Alliance takes place in Marymoor Park in Redmond on September 28th.