Marsha Rivkin Center For Ovarian Cancer Research
The mission of the Marsha Rivkin Center is to save lives and reduce suffering through improved treatment, early detection and prevention of ovarian cancer.Join us in our resolute effort against ovarian cancer. We fund the best scientists, develop the brightest minds, and encourage the strongest research partnerships.

Rivkin Center Grants

Each year, the Marsha Rivkin Center funds promising research for ovarian cancer. These studies and researchers are selected through a highly competitive process. Each application is individually reviewed by a panel of nationally recognized experts for its scientific merit, novelty, and potential to impact the prevention, detection, treatment, and understanding of the disease. There are two streams of scientific funding:

Pilot Study Awards

Young and established investigators alike struggle to find funding for innovative approaches to address scientific questions because their new ideas may not yet be in the scientific mainstream. Each year we support multiple Pilot Studies each with $75,000 to pave the way for new avenues of ovarian cancer research and to expand our understanding of the disease.

Scientific Scholar Awards

Young, talented investigators often have novel ideas and fresh approaches to scientific challenges. In order to attract new investigators to ovarian cancer research, each year we support multiple Scientific Scholars each who receive $60,000 for their proposed research.

Challenge Grant Award

Challenge grants in scientific research revolve around posing a grand scientific question to the research community and asking researchers to submit their best ideas for meeting the challenge with creative solutions. With help from our Scientific Advisory Board, the Rivkin Center will identify areas in ovarian cancer research in which the greatest strides can be made today and offer a 2-year, $150,000 Challenge Grant to the research group that proposes the best solution.

Bridge Funding Award

Federal funding for research is tighter than ever, and often researchers do not get funded on their first try with a new proposal. The purpose of Bridge Funding is to allow researchers to produce data needed to substantiate their proposal resubmission to federal funding agencies for a promising new research project. In order to be competitive, resubmitted proposals must include solid data and address the concerns of expert reviewers. The Rivkin Center provides interim funding of up to $30,000 for six months to researchers who have submitted an R01 or R21 proposal to the National Institutes of Health (NIH) or an original proposal to the Department of Defense (DoD) pertaining to ovarian cancer and who have not received, but were close to, a fundable score. With more data, ovarian cancer researchers stand a better chance of being successfully funded with a stronger, resubmitted proposal.